With more than 7 years of flying experience professionally, BrainWing is one of India’s largest and most reliable Drone companies based out of Mumbai. Started off from a small space, we have grown our team and space to provide skilled pilots for any on-field jobs. Our expertise in robotics, data analytics, embedded systems, filming and Aeromodelling makes us the most well versed team in the field of Drone solutions. At BrainWing, we provide services in Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Land Mapping, GIS Mapping, Corridor Mapping, Data Analysis, Real Estate Photography, Virtual Content and Software Solutions.

We are Drone Makers, Mappers, Manipulators and Filmers!!

Team At Work


Aerial Cinematography

We are the pioneers in Aerial Cinematography, been in the industry for more than 7 years now. We started when multirotors were at an infant stage in the industry and thought of attaching our point and shoot camera to them.

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GIS Mapping

Being Drone Mappers and Manipulators, we have come out with various innovative solutions to map and survey lands, do aerial inspections, power line stringing and thermal inspection. We provide a range of fleet from a quadcopter, hexacopter to Fixed Wing solutions, Deltas and more.

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Customized Drone Solutions

We love when we are challenged and doubted for our capabilities in providing customised drone solutions. At BrainWing, we have made drones capable of lifting 80kg payload, a drone that can fly for 120 minutes and a drone that can fly upto 30km range.

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Real Estate Photography

We provide stunning aerial content for our real estate clients, be it Aerial Panoramic Views at different heights, Aerial Virtual Tours, Drone Videos, Location Awareness tour or any other customisable solutions.

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Excellent work for various projects till date. There's only BrainWing for our shoots!

Joe PanDirector and Owner at Pans World Films

Absolutely love the professionalism and the creativity the team at BrainWing provides. Must have done more than 20 projects so far and all the ministry loves it!!

Amit AnandDirector, Prime Minister Office Media Team

Stunning!! This is the only word that comes out of me when I work with them. I love the team and their shots are always STUNNING!

Bhavesh PurohitDirector, Mindbox Films