Searching for the effective drone mapping system? Brainwing is the right choice to capture and process photogrammetric data for mining, construction, agriculture and infrastructure projects using the most advanced drone currently available in India. Our design software ensures a cost-effective and time-saving solution for rapidly mapping and changes in mining, construction, agriculture and infrastructure applications.

Brainwing provides a complete aerial survey and aerial mapping solution. Based in Mumbai – India, We use cutting-edge drone technology & most stable processing software which carries out aerial surveys to collect topographical data and imagery that is only possible from the air. From the resulting output, we can provide you with precise Geo-referenced data and 3D mesh imagery.

This 3D mapping data is CAD-ready and can be opened via various CAD softwares which enables you to plan your project conveniently.

Drone Survey Methodology

We are extraordinary if it’s about providing valuable insights in terms of evaluation, planning, site operations and maintenance, thereby reducing the groundwork. We work with a variety of compact and portable UAV platforms suitable for varying situations. Ground Sampling Distance or resolutions being as high as 1cm per pixel.




Drone data processing


Generation of desired maps


Drone data collection

We have got you covered!