aerial cinematography

Extremely professional and years of experience, our team of certified Drone Pilots will get you the best shot for your Film

Aerial Cinematography

With more than 8 years of flying experience professionally, BrainWing is one of India’s largest and most reliable Drone companies based out of Mumbai. Starting off from a small space, we have grown our team and space to provide skilled pilots for any on-field jobs. We have combined our passion for Aeromodeling, Robotics, and Film Making to deliver the best Drone content to our clients. Over the years we have worked on more than 24 Feature Films, 20+ web series, and 100+ TVC’s

Our Recent Works

Diwali Lights at Lodha World Towers


On set for Shershah upcoming movie from Dharma Productions


Brahmastra Plate shots


On set Sherni new upcoming movie starring Vidya Balan


Shooting India's first 360 degree 3D vR


Web Film Sitara for RSVP Productions


Drone Equipment

Drone camera for XL Photography

brainwing XL

Our biggest octacopter capable of lifting Red, Alexa Mini or any other camera in the category with variable lenses and a flight time of 8-10 minutes AUW

Brainwing M600 pro

Our versatile M600 pro to lift heavy cameras or any other custom payloads

Brainwing M600 Pro Drone Camera
Drone For aerial cinematography india

Inspire 2 with x7

A most portable drone capable of shooting up to 6K raw, comes with 4 changeable lenses of 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm. 

We Provide The Best Service In Industry​

Change the game of your business by utilizing drone technology. Reach out to us and we can discuss prospective avenues how we can help in your business.

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