BrainWing is the right choice to capture and process photogrammetric data for mining, construction, agriculture and infrastructure projects using the most advanced drone currently available in India. Our design software ensures a cost-effective and time-saving solution for rapidly mapping and changes in mining, construction, agriculture and infrastructure applications.

Recent Projects

GIS Survey for Godrej Land in Vikhroli


Irrigation Department Survey


1800km long Ganga River Corridor Mapping


Sample Outputs

Chakan Time Lapse Site Mapping
Normal View By Brainwing


High Definition 2D geotiff Orthophoto providing extreme zoom level details and relative accuracy of about 1 cm/pixel.

Textured 3d model and point cloud

3D Point cloud and textured model of the highest quality. This 3D mapping data is CAD-ready and can be opened via various CAD software which enables you to plan your project conveniently.

Intensity View By brainwing drone solutions
Avana 3D Texture UAV Mapping
Pigeonis Contour UAV Mapping
DSM Mapping

Contours and DSM

We provide more outputs in the forms of Contours, DEM, DSM, Classification, etc.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry‚Äč

Change the game of your business by utilizing drone technology. Reach out to us and we can discuss prospective avenues how we can help in your business.

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